Aquatic Rehabilitation

Exercising in warm water offers great advantages in counterbalancing the effect of gravity and allowing much greater freedom and ease of movement. It can be extremely effective in helping to mobilise stiff joints, strengthen muscles and re-educate balance mechanisms.

At Excel Physiotherapy we are delighted to have the opportunity to treat our patients in the pool as well as on land. You will start with a full assessment on land, and your physiotherapist will create a program of exercises individually tailored to your short and long term goals. We can then take you into the pool on a one to one basis to take you through your exercises and modify them as needed. Many patients only need to be taken into the pool once or twice before they are confident and capable of continuing with their exercises independently and returning to see us for review and progression as needed.

The pool is a standard depth throughout and you do not need to be a swimmer to be able to benefit from hydrotherapy. The pool is very accessible with shallow steps and two hand rails.

Aquatic Rehabilitation is particularly effective for treating:

• Joint Stiffness and Pain
• Arthritis
• Muscle Weakness
• Balance Disorders
• Recovery from Orthopaedic Surgery